There & Then

Lent goes back to the early days of the Church. The first official record we have of Lent is from a meeting of early church leaders called the Council of Nicaea. This meeting happened in 325 AD, and the early church leaders wanted to model the life of Jesus, and how he went 40 days & nights into the desert to fast, pray and prepare for his ministry, ultimately preparing himself to die on the cross.Lent became a season to set aside time to fully embrace Good Friday & Easter Sunday. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the sacred significance of what Jesus did for us on the Cross. Ultimately, the purpose of Lent doesn’t end with sadness and despair – it points us to the hope of the Resurrection.

Here & Now

We have a number of resources available to help you along your journey for Lent. Maybe you’ll start a bible reading plan, learn a new way of praying, read a book to encourage your spiritual journey, give something up, or maybe start something new. Let’s be unconventional in our pursuit of Jesus this season. Let’s see what God will do in our lives as we dedicate ourselves to His purposes, reaching His people, and building His kingdom of hope! Remember, following Jesus doesn’t make our lives easier, but it always makes our lives better.

40 Days Of Practice

For the next 40 days of lent we invite you to practice prayer and bible reading each day with us!


If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed reading the Bible or spent time reading and then immediately thought “what did I just read?“, this Bible reading model is for you! This method will help you read scripture and understand what it means, as well as how to apply it to your own life. This is a great resource to keep in your phone, or print out and kept in your bible for reference whenever you’re reading.


If you’ve ever caught yourself getting distracted during prayer, not knowing what to say, or wondering “what am I supposed to be saying when I pray?“, the ACTS Prayer Model is perfect for you! This prayer model serves as an outline for how to pray and will help you develop a meaningful and fulfilling prayer life


Download the YouVersion app and use this daily bible reading plan and devotional to help create a meaningful bible reading time throughout Lent this year. Make sure to have your bible, journal and something to write with!



Click here for a list of books recommended by our staff on topics like rest, spirituality, discipleship, relationships and parenting.


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