Our City Church exists to help people find God and experience life in Christ.


“We know the needs of the cities here in Southern California are great. Our cities represent a collection of many different kinds of people. People looking for answers to their purpose and pain in life. People stuck in a rut of poor choices. People with gifts that they feel haven’t been realized. People who matter to God and maybe don’t know it. People who want to know God personally, but don’t know how. People who are not part of a life-giving church. We believe the church of Jesus is the hope of the world and the vehicle God wants to use to change peoples lives.
We have a God-given calling to plant, merge, or fund 3 life-changing Our City Churches in Southern California. We also desire to repeat this every seven years, hopefully seeing a total of 9 campuses over the next 20+ years, as well as any expressions of Our City Church outside the US and any other partnerships God calls us to.
We want to impact people from all types of backgrounds and levels of income. Our City locations will be among upper, middle, and lower class communities allowing us to reach people with a variety of needs. We have been uniquely gifted and called to this task. We aren’t called to ‘one type’ of person…we are called to whoever is in our cities. God has brought us together for such a time as this, in this special place called Southern California. We started in a backyard with a group of people who had a heart and passion to become a church and they became our “All In Team”. From the backyard we moved to a library where the foundations of our heart and vision was laid. We then planted our first location in Corona on September 30th 2018 and shortly after our online location on October 7th 2018. It is in our hearts and plans to continue this expansion with our next location opening in Orange County, CA.
We are following His lead, His provision and His voice as to how, where, and when to walk out our vision. We are committed to obeying God as he continues to direct us.”


At Our City Church we are all about Jesus, His Word, and His truth. We believe that one moment in the presence of God has the power to transform a life more than all of our best strategies.
We are all about generosity. As a church, we follow the example set by Jesus and His teachings, and are marked by ridiculous generosity to those around us. This isn’t about anything we want from you but something we want for you. We want our community to experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from being generous.
We are all about the next generation. Our City Church is a place where kids and teenagers are unapologetically valued and prioritized, and where parents are confident that their kids and teens are accepted and cared for. We see the next generation as a group of people who will be our city’s future teachers, business owners, leaders, Dads, Moms, coaches and pastors; all who deserve to hear the truth of Jesus and experience life in Him.
We are all about God’s Kingdom. At Our City Church, we see the need down the hall, across the street, and around the globe. We are compelled to go anywhere people suffer from a lack of basic needs, and demonstrate the power and care of God’s kingdom.
In short, wherever hope is needed, we will bring the kingdom of God.


The Bible—the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments—is unique among written works in the world and is inspired by God. Written by dozens of authors from three continents over 1,500 years, it maintains an internal consistency while reflecting the backgrounds, styles and vocabularies of its authors. The scriptures speak with the authority of God expressed through the unique personalities of men and women. We seek to interpret, contextualize and live out this story today as the Holy Spirit makes the Bible alive to each of us. We hold that the Scriptures provide daily and ultimate guidance for our individual and corporate lives. There are no other writings similarly inspired by God.


special services times:

SUNDAYS AT 9am & 11aM


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