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Halloween at Our City Church is going to be a fun, safe in-person experience for the whole family! We'll have an opportunity to experience God together, connect with our church and then move to a trunk-or-treat experience! We'll have a brief prayer service and then move into festivities, including games, a photobooth, and of course.. .the trunk-or-treat for kids to get candy!

Lighthouse Packaging (1148 California Ave. Corona, CA 92881)

Yes! Make sure you, and everyone in your party is registered. This allows us to maintain our attendance to a safe number and be prepared for all the kids participating in the trunk-or-treat to get enough candy and supplies.

To participate in the trunk-or-treat, bring a bucket or bag for your child to collect candy.

If you want to decorate your car and participate in passing out candy, please email to get more details!

Yes! Just make sure they're registered so we can keep our attendance at a safe amount, as well as be prepared for the kids participating in the trunk-or-treat. If you're inviting friends or family and would like to go through the trunk or treat with them as a group, make sure to all arrive/check in at the registration tables at the same time. This is the only way to ensure you'll all be able to go through together at the same time.

The guidelines we have for costumes- please refrain from anything scary, as this event is primarily for young children. Also, make sure your costumes don't include any weapons, even if they're fake. We want to make sure all the families attending feel safe, and that children of all ages can have a great experience. Keep in mind - if your costume has a mask, you do not need to wear a COVID/fabric mask. However, any time your costume mask is off, you will need to put on a COVID/fabric mask. We will have fabric masks available.

Families with kids of any age can participate, but the trunk-or-treat is designed for children elementary age and younger.

We will be following all COVID safety regulations. Everyone will be required to wear masks, anyone passing out candy or facilitating games will be wearing gloves, and any items that are being touched by multiple people will be sanitized after each use. We will maintain social distancing, take everyone's temperature as they enter, and provide hand sanitizer stations all throughout the event.