Best Summer Ever At Home is a fun at-home week long summer camp for families to do with their kids! With quarantine and closers still in place, we didn't want kids to miss out on the summer camp experience so we're bringing the summer camp to your home! Best Summer Ever consists of daily activities, games, discussion questions, and more for you and your family to have a memorable summer at home!
You can download all the content right here on our website ourcity.church/bestsummerever. Content will be uploaded daily with links to videos, descriptions of activities and everything else you'll need!
You don't need to pick up a supply box in order to participate, you can get the supplies and print content on your own and have just as fun an experience! However, picking up a box will make sure you have all the supplies you need (plus some fun extras like lanyards, bandanas and bonus fun supplies) AND get to say hi to Pastor Kellen and some of your favorite Our City Kids leaders! Pick up will be Sunday July 19th from 2:00 - 5:00pm at 2171 Aberdeen Dr. Corona, CA 92881.

No problem! We have a supply list here with a list of all the supplies you'll need for the entire week. All the content you can download and print from online and you'll be set for the week!

The activities for each day will take roughly one - two hours a day depending how many kids, the types of activities, etc. But everything is flexible and according to your schedule so if you need to skip an activity, no problem! Do what you can! This camp is all about you and your family making memories not sticking to a rigid schedule.

Best Summer Ever is designed for kids ages 3 - 6th grade but lots of the activities can be modified to include the whole family!

Best Summer Ever is free to participate in, however there are some supplies needed for the activities so if you're unable to pick up a supply box on Sunday July 19th and need to purchase supplies on your own, you can plan for roughly $20-$30 for the necessary supplies.

If you're not on social media, you can send any photos/videos to nextgen@ourcity.church and will be qualified to win the summer fun giveaway!

Of course! If you want to include friends, neighbors, family members or anyone else to join you for Best Summer Ever you're more than welcome! If you are planning to have other families join you and would like to pick up an additional supply box for them on July 19th, that's perfectly fine, just let us know who you're picking up for so we can keep track of what families are participating! Email the team at nextgen@ourcity.church

Nope! Anyone and everyone looking to have a fun summer with their family is welcome to participate!

Stretch your arms out as far as they go…. Yes, do it…. That's how much fun your kids are going to have!!!